Slimbridge Primary School


Welcome to the Community page of Slimbridge Primary School’s website. We take great pride in our strong connections within the local community, working collaboratively with various organisations, businesses, and neighbouring schools to create a thriving and inclusive educational environment for our students.

At Slimbridge Primary, we understand the importance of fostering partnerships with other local schools. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to enhance educational opportunities and provide unique experiences for our students. We engage in joint projects, sports competitions, and cultural exchanges, allowing our students to broaden their horizons, develop meaningful relationships, and celebrate the diversity within our community. By working together, we create a supportive network that benefits all our students and fosters a sense of unity among local schools.

Our school community is also greatly supported by local businesses. We are fortunate to have strong relationships with businesses in our area, who generously contribute their time, resources, and expertise to enrich the educational experiences of our students. These partnerships enable us to enhance our curriculum, provide exciting opportunities, and expose our students to real-world contexts. We are grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to our school community.

In addition to collaborating with schools and businesses, we actively engage with the Parish Council. By working in partnership, we create an environment that promotes community cohesion, enhances the learning experience, and fosters positive relationships between our school and the local community.

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership link with Milestones Special Provision School. This collaborative effort allows us to share expertise, resources, and best practices to support the inclusive education of all our students. By working closely with Milestones, we can create a more comprehensive and tailored learning experience that meets the diverse needs of our students. This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing an inclusive and supportive educational environment for every child in our community.

At Slimbridge Primary School, community engagement is a fundamental part of our ethos. We value the power of collaboration and the positive impact it has on our students’ educational journey. By working hand in hand with local schools, businesses, and the Parish Council, we create a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and a strong sense of community. Together, we celebrate diversity, foster positive relationships, and empower our students to become responsible, compassionate, and engaged members of society.