Slimbridge Primary School


We believe that confident writers possess a range of essential skills to express their ideas effectively. From spelling and handwriting to composition and imagination, we aim to develop these fundamental characteristics that make our students successful writers.

Our curriculum focuses on nurturing fluent writers who can engage audiences with their detailed and captivating writing across various subjects. We encourage our students to unleash their vivid imagination, captivating readers and igniting their love for written expression. With a highly developed vocabulary and excellent knowledge of writing techniques, our students master the art of expanding details and creating vibrant descriptions.

At Slimbridge, we emphasise the importance of organised and structured writing, incorporating a variety of sentence structures to enhance clarity and impact. Our students hone their transcription skills, ensuring their writing is neatly presented, accurately punctuated, and free of spelling errors. We foster a genuine love for writing and cultivate an appreciation for its educational, cultural, and entertainment values.

To foster these skills, we offer a diverse range of writing opportunities throughout the curriculum. We follow the renowned ‘Talk for Writing’ programme developed by Pie Corbett, which allows our students to learn texts orally, internalising the language patterns of stories and non-fiction texts. They then progress to shared and independent writing, applying their skills with confidence. Additionally, our older students have the privilege of studying high-quality models of writing, analysing and exploring them to serve as inspiration for their own written works. Our students engage in various forms of writing, including stories, poetry, reports, and newspaper articles, developing versatility and creativity.

We also understand the significance of phonics and spelling in developing writing skills. Our dedicated phonics/spelling sessions contribute to our students’ writing proficiency, and we provide specific handwriting sessions to ensure they develop strong fine motor skills and master the art of legible, joined-up writing as they progress through the school.

At Slimbridge Primary School, we are dedicated to fostering confident writers who can effectively communicate their ideas and experiences. By providing a rich and stimulating writing curriculum, we empower our students to become lifelong learners and skilled communicators in the written word.

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