Hello and Welcome to FOSS

Slimbridge Primary School

Friends of Slimbridge School

Welcome to Slimbridge School and FoSS…
We’d just like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves… We are Friends of Slimbridge School, or ‘FoSS’ for short. When your child joins Slimbridge School you automatically become a member of FoSS. So read on to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.

Who we are…

FoSS is a charity run by parents and families of the school. Our primary aim is to raise funds through organising a range of fun activities and events for pupils and the community. What’s more, FoSS exists to provide closer relationships between home, school and the community. It is an excellent way to bring everyone together.

What we have achieved 2022/2023…

FoSS has been working hard again this school year. We have all been excited to raise as much as possible for our wonderful school. So far, we have proudly raised nearly £10,000! We work closely with the school to determine where the
money is needed. This year, FoSS has equipped the school with an amazing mud kitchen, a book vending machine, library books and contributed towards the drama production of ‘the Lion King’.

We have lots of exciting plans for this year such as redesigning the school playground with new markings to make play-times even more fun and there are also plans to fund a whole school trip.

How we fundraise….

Regular “Treat Days”, seasonal fairs, discos, non-uniform days, craft activities, quiz nights (one for the grownups!) and larger community events.

How you can support FoSS…There is so much you can do!

FoSS relies on volunteers. We are always keen to welcome new parents, carers and family members who would like to get involved. Every little helps! Just an hour assisting at an event, wrapping prizes,
folding raffle tickets or filling in forms – all valuable and much appreciated.

Other ways to support FoSS…

Vote for us – Sometimes grants or competitions requires voting. Click away!

Donations – Occasionally we will ask for items for raffles, events or games.

Think of us –Does your company or employer do Match Funding? Spotted a grant that’s available? Have a fundraising idea? Just let us know!

How we keep in touch…

We also have regular meet ups to organise future events and activities. Often held in a cafe or pub, so serves as a bit of a social affair too. You can be involved as little or much as you like but you are guaranteed a
warm welcome!

A new committee has been nominated for the new 2023/2024 school year
Joint Chairpersons – Lydia Telka & Sam Hill
Treasurer – Lydia Telka
Secretary – Emma Plumley

In a small school the role of FOSS is very important and we rely hugely on the support and generosity of parents and families. Huge thank you to everyone who has and will continue to support us!

Signet Play are installing playground markings at our school and we’ve entered their Free Hopscotch competition.


Additional Information

Mission Statement

“FOSS’s mission is to support the social, emotional and educational development of the pupils of the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities, trips and events.