Personal Development and British Values

Slimbridge Primary School

Personal Development and British Values

At Slimbridge Primary, we are committed to promoting values that contribute to a cohesive and inclusive society as outlined by the Department for Education. These values include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance for different beliefs and cultures.

Our school fosters a culture of respect, where every member of our community is valued and respected. We prioritise the holistic development of our pupils, encompassing social, moral, cultural, mental, and physical aspects. This commitment is evident in our vision, curriculum, and extensive range of extra-curricular activities.

At Slimbridge Primary, we integrate these values into our curriculum and reinforce them consistently:

We encourage democratic principles within our school community. Our pupils are taught to listen attentively, respect diverse opinions, and participate in decision-making. They have opportunities to express their ideas and contribute through platforms such as school councils and surveys.

The Rule of Law:
We emphasise the importance of laws and rules, both within the school and in society. Our school has clear rules that provide a safe and orderly learning environment. We teach our pupils the value and purpose of laws, the responsibilities that come with them, and the consequences of breaking them.

Individual Liberty:
We empower our pupils to exercise their individual liberty within a safe and supportive environment. Through our curriculum and educational approach, we provide them with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices. We promote personal freedoms and guide our students to understand the boundaries and responsibilities associated with their choices.

Mutual Respect:
Respect is a fundamental value in our school. We cultivate an environment where respect is practiced and demonstrated towards everyone, irrespective of differences. We instill the importance of respecting others’ rights, opinions, and perspectives. Mutual respect permeates all aspects of our school life.

Tolerance of Different Beliefs and Cultures:
At Slimbridge Primary, we celebrate diversity and promote tolerance for different beliefs and cultures. Our curriculum includes opportunities for pupils to explore and understand different faiths, cultures, and beliefs. We organise visits, engage with guest speakers, and encourage open discussions to foster a deeper appreciation and respect for diverse perspectives.

By embracing these values and integrating them into our educational practices, we strive to prepare our pupils to be responsible, respectful, and tolerant members of a diverse society.